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Our mission is to have colleges and universities find you. Create a FREE profile to open many resources and possibilities. Take the guessing out of acceptance requirements. Nuestra misión se basa en que colegios y universidades te encuentren. Crea tu perfil gratuitamente para comenzar las conexiones y abrir las posibilidades que tenemos.
No pierdas más tiempo tratando de entender los requisitos de aceptación.


Accepted to School is a networking portal for middle and high school students to connect with colleges. We create more opportunities to get students accepted into college. Accepted to School es un portal de redes para estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria para conectarse con universidades e instituciones de alta educación.
Creamos más oportunidades para lograr tener más estudiantes aceptados en la universidad.


Modernizing the college application process. Free portal for students and colleges to search, connect and interact with one another, allowing early dialogue. Modernizando el proceso de solicitud hacia instituciones de alta educaci&aocute;n. Nuestro portal es gratis para que estudiantes y universidades puedan buscar, conectar e interactuar entre si, permitiendo un dialogo con anticipación.





What is accepted to school?

We are simplifying the college application process by creating a networking portal that helps students and colleges increase their visibility and opportunities to be seen and searched by one another for the college application process. What makes us unique is we are creating earlier connections leading to possible recruitment and building a community between the students and colleges to ask questions and learn more information about each other. Our process begins early to help educate and motivate the students about what colleges can offer and the steps to take to ensure success throughout Middle and High School for their college and career paths.

Find out more!

1- Introduction to IoT

2- Get Connected

3- NDG Linux Essentials

4- Cybersecurity

5- Entrepreneurship

6- Linux Unhatched

7- Packet Tracer
Know How

8- Mobility

9- Cybersecurity

Cisco Networking Academy

in partnership with Accepted to School

These comprehensive courses aligns to the “T” in STEM, teaching the technology skills that are in high demand in all industries today. Students learn basic to advanced information communications (ICT) and networking skills and build important system and process thinking skills.


Kyla Guru

Deerfield High School
Deerfield, IL

Founder and CEO of Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity (www.bitsnbytes.us.com ), an organization focused on bringing awareness and next-generation competence in cybersecurity into classrooms through animation production, blog writing, and engaging simulations. Currently she is working with students from Kindergarten all the way to seniors in senior homes, reaching over 75,000 citizens with her movement so far. For her efforts, she has been nationally recognized by NCWIT and Stanford she++, and has won regional awards from the Prudential Spirit of Community and the Deerfield Optimist Club. Kyla is passionate about computer science, having learned 4 programming languages and attended several hackathons. She is also keen on creativity through design and implementation, having familiarized herself with a multitude of design platforms and having constructed several elaborate dioramas for school. Within Computer Science, she is most interested in Cybersecurity and has participated in the NSA’s Gencyber program, gaining experience with penetration testing and risk assessment. She is involved with STEAM Women, FIRST Robotics, and has been recognized in Illinois for DECA Marketing Team Decision Making. In addition, Kyla is heavily involved in volunteering involved with Feed My Starving Children for 3 years and the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership program . Outside of CS, Kyla loves to play golf and has played varsity tournament golf for 2 years. She is excited to see all the innovative projects the next generation invents, but, of course, wishes to prepare them now for the safety and security challenges they will face!

Why do you need my parent's information? ¿Porqué necesitas la información de mis padres?

Most of our users are under 18 years old, we just need to make sure your parent's are okay with you sharing your academic information with us. La mayoría de nuestros usuarios son menores de 18 años de edad, solo nos tenemos que asegurar de que tus padres estén de acuerdo en que nos compartas tu información académica.

How do I start working with Accepted to School? ¿Como puedo empezar a trabajar con Accepted to School?

STUDENTS: If you already created your account, head over to your profile and start filling it out. Our search page allows you to go through all the Colleges/Universities that we have available for you.

UNIVERSITIES: To create your profile on our site you will need to contac us first. We take our student's privacy very seriously therefore we have a verification process.
ESTUDIANTES: Si ya creaste tu cuenta con nosotros, dirígete a tu perfil y comienzo a llenar la información necesaria. Nuestra búsqueda te permite navegar por el perfil de todos los colegios/universidades que tenemos disponsibles.

UNIVERSIDADES: Para crear tu perfil en nuestra pá, necesitas comunicarse con nosotros. La privacidad de nuestros estudiantes es muy importante es por eso que contamos con un sistema de verificación.

How can I connect with colleges that I am/might be interested in? ¿Cómo puedo conectar con los colegios que estoy o puedo estar interesado?

When logged in as a student, you have the option to save any Colleges/Universities that you choose. If your academic scores meet the minimum requirements of the selected school, they will be notified of your interest. Additionally, Colleges/Universities may contact you even if you did not initiate contact. Cuando accedes tu perfil como estudiante cuentas con la opción de guardar cualquier colegio/universidad de tu elección. Sí tus puntuaciones académicas cumplen con los requisitos mínimos de dicha institución, ellos serán notificados de tu interés. Adicionalmente colegios/universidades pueden contactarte aun si tu no lo contactarte inicialmente.

Will it always be free? ¿Será siempre gratis?

Yes. Our belief is all our users should have access to the information needed to do their job for free. Always. Sí, nuestra filosofía se basa en que toda la información en cuanto a la educación debería ser accesible gratuitamente, siempre.

What if I don't meet requirements or have not taken the SAT's or ACT yet? ¿Qué pasa si mi información no cumple con los requisitos mínimos o no eh tomado el SAT o ACT?

The school will not be notified that you have saved them, but once you do meet eligibility requirements, the College/University will automatically be updated to see that you are interested in attending. So keep up the good work and don't forget to keep your profile updated. La institución no será notificada de tu interés, una ves que cumplas los requisitos o provees la información. Continua esforzándote y no te olvides de mantener tu perfil actualizado.


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